Tuesday, October 10, 2017

fall 2017 season preview part 4 Sequels all the way down

I usually make it a policy not to review multiple seasons of a franchise since I feel the most boring post I can make is one that says "this show is pretty much the same as it was last season" which I feel I would be doing if I reviewed most second seasons of shows. However I haven't been blogging for over a year so there are several shows that didn't get the review treatment of the first season. Here are three of those shows

Himouto Umaru chan R

Umaru Doma is a beautiful model student who lives with her older brother Taihei (I actually had to look up his name). However at home she is a tiny girl who wants to do nothing more than laze around and play video games. This show is a light comedy who reminds me of Oreimo without the incest sub plot. This first episode doesn't explain much so you should probably watch the first season first.

Shokugeki no Souma San Sara

Yukihira Souma is a hot headed teenage cook who goes to the prestigious and harsh cooking school of Totsuki academy. This time he is gearing up for the right to challenge one of the elite ten and not get expelled in the process. This looks like it will hopefully be as good as the previous two seasons with orgasmic good food and hot blooded cooking action.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero 

Sumi, Sonoko and Gin are three magical girls who are tasked with defending their city from monsters that come from beyond the long bridge. This show is a prequel show to the original Yuki Yuna is a hero. I found it to be a magical girl show with a nice aesthetic. I don't want to give away spoilers but expect this show to get dark in upcoming episodes. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

fall 2017 season preview part 3 girls and their vehicles

Whoever said the whole addition of cute girls as the main characters in anime would ruin it as an art form didn't know what they were talking about. At least two of the shows in this batch of new shows (even if one of them is a second season to something rather old) are clear examples of shows with cute girl protagonists and a good deal of philosophical thought in them. The other one, while a decent so isn't but you can't expect that out of every show.

Girl's last tour
Chito and Yuuri and two girls who travel through the war torn ruins of an empty city. This is the story of their daily lives as the two scavenge the ruins for supplies. This is a very simple and quiet kind of show and yet I find that this is an evocative show and I look forward to future episodes.

Kino's Journey the beautiful world
Kino is a traveler who wanders the world with only the talking motorcycle Hermes. Kino visits each country with the stipulation of only staying three days in each one. Kino's Journey is a well known anime series with a previous season airing in 2003. This show looks to be an episodic show where each episode explores some idea, sort of like old school science fiction. The art style is updated and I like the look of it.

Two car
Megumi and Yuri are on the side car motorcycle racing team. They are both in love with their coach and are at odds with each other, but can they work as an effective team? This show is a simple sports show and I can't say that the first episode of it impressed me all that much. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fall 2017 Season preview part 2 Kemono Enemies

The trope of characters having animal traits has a long history in anime (being that animals are the only creatures other than humans and plants don't do much). There are many uses of this trope (including werewolf bishonen in Sengoku blood night, but that is another post). There is little in common with the three shows other than that there are animal themed characters in each of the shows.

Juuni Tenshin 

Every twelve years there is a tournament when twelve people, one of each who represent a member of the Chinese zodiac, fight each other in a battle royal in order to win a wish from a shadowy organization. This show is a dark action anime where many of the characters aren't good people, at least the boar lady who is the focus of the first episode. isn't. However it looks like there will be a strong action component in this show.

Konohana Kitan

Yuzu is a young fox Youkai who is taking up a new job at the local inn. She is inexperienced but a friendly and kind person. This show is one of, if not if, the cute girls doing cute things show of the season. I found the characters to be nice enough and the atmosphere to be nice enough. It might not be a great show but it is a worthwhile show for it's genre.


Rito, Mari and Kotoko are three girls who run a hip fashion store in the toyoko ward of Harajuku. One day culture stealing aliens show up and being sucking up everything cultural in sight. By a twist of luck the girls run into a talking fried shrimp who gives them the powers to fight off the aliens. This show is a strange sort of twist on the magical girl genre. this show has an unusual art style to it which might be a turn off for some people.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall 2017 season preview part 1 Season of Vampires

After about a year and a half I have arisen from the dead and begun to start blogging about anime again. The fall season is one of the stronger seasons in my experience and I hope that this is the case for this season as well. For the first batch of shows I am watching two shonen action shows and a bishonen visual novel adaptation. None of them feel like particularly stand out shows but at least they weren't horrible.

                                                                    Black Clover

In a world where almost everyone knows magic, there is a young orphan named Asta who can't use any magic. Even on his fifteenth birthday he didn't receive a grimoire like everyone else, or does he?
In short Black Clover is a shonen adventure show with a magic and wizards gimmick to it. It looked a bit generic but one episode reviews on these kinds of shows are a bit difficult since there is usually only enough time to show that the main character has special powers. I did like the character interaction between Asta and Yuno though so I have some hope for the show.

Sengoku Blood Night

Yuzuki is a young woman in the modern world who is transported into a world like Medieval Japan except for the fact that that the important people of the world are creatures like vampires and werewolves. This show is one that is clearly meant for fans of pretty boys so I am not part of it's target demographic. Even so I can't say much in it's praise so because it does as poor job in establishing it's main characters or making me care about them.

UQ Holder

Even though magic is now common knowledge a young boy named Touta is stuck in a rural village even though he wants to travel to the capital. One day though he gains the power of immortality from his teacher Yukihime, even if he doesn't know the weight of that power. Even though this is a sequel to Negima this show doesn't require previous knowledge. This is a shonen adventure show but since it has vampires in the main cast dismemberment is cheap. Also this show promises fan service in future episodes. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review Anthem of the Heart

Note there are no pictures with this review because I watched it at Sakura Con

When she was little Jun Nanase witnessed her father commit adultery and as a result was cursed by an egg to be unable to speak. Years later Jun is selected by her teacher to be on a committee to to put together a performance for the community. It is decided that the performance will be a musical but what will that mean for Jun's curse as well as the other three students on the committee?

Anthem of the Heart is a movie that is mostly a teenage romantic drama. It also has a small amount of comedy to it, not enough to interrupt the drama but it helps the movie from feeling too heavy or pretentious. Although it is a romantic show the movie isn't one that is geared to one gender and is clean enough that you can watch with most of the family although little children probably wouldn't like this.

The main cast consists of the four students in the committee and each of them has enough sub plots to them to make the movie complex but not convoluted.All the main characters feel fleshed out as they could be in a normal length movie and they work well and build on each other as well. In truth there is little I can say about this movie that isn't praise.

Overall I think Anthem of the Heart is a movie that I think could earn it's place among the anime movie classics.

Rating the Golden Egg for being a wonder of a movie that restored my faith in anime. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sakura Con 2016

As someone who is an anime fan as well as some who has gone the convention for almost every year since it's founding, I went to Sakura con this year. Like most years I rode the bus down to the convention center because a bus ride is the cheapest and most efficient way down there as well as a good way to travel home after you are dead tired from convention going. I arrived early enough that the preregistration line was non existent and wandered about the convention for a while. I wandered about for about a day and half at the convention and did various thing there. Here are a couple of notes of the more salient things that I noticed and did.
    1. went to two of the idol panels and learned the following things. The idol boom is so big because there are a significant number of female fans. Thus both the Love live and Idolmaster panels were packed in a way that a To Love Ru panel could never be.
    2. I went to the Sentai panel, no not company, the stuff that is turned into Power Rangers when it comes to America. It was interesting to learn about what was an inspiration for so many anime shows.
    3. I saw Anthem of the Heart. A review will be coming soon but in a nutshell this movie was really good. Sometimes you get to watch a movie at a convention and this was one of the times when it was truly worth it.
    4. I went to the dealers room to get some anime related goodies. I noticed that there were few items about shows that started last year. Offerings seem balanced between shonen dominated by One piece and Dragon ball, Various moe shows, and the trinity of Fujoshi bait shows, Free, Kuroko's basket and Haikyu.
    5. The noticable favorite in terms of Cosplay this year is Undertale although like last year there is a good mix of different shows.
    6. I did get one figure from Love Live. I decided that throwing fifty dollars for a random figure in a bag was the Love live way. I ended up with a Rin figure.
    7. I ended up doing less that I had hoped to but I was undone by dehydration. Remember to drink plenty of water before you go to the convention and get your hands on any free liquid you can. 

      You can find the various convention pictures I took at think link

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring 2016 season overview Pull the trigger

It's getting late in April and I am thinking that it's also getting a bit late for season preview articles about spring anime, not too late for summer ones though but I can't time travel so those won't come out for a while. A couple of the anime shows that I am reviewing I have seen more than one episode of and guess what they are both of the Studio Trigger shows and I found them to be rather enjoyable.


Agata is a strange boy who can not feel pain and thus is indifferent to most of the world. One day he is drafted into something called the Kiznaiver project which causes a group to be able to share each other's pain. I found this be a cool show and if it stays true to it's possibility it could turn out to be a great show.

Space patrol Luluco

Lulu is a young girl who lives in a town where many aliens live but still lives a normal life. One day her father is frozen and she is drafted into the space patrol. Even though this is a short show I found this show to be a stylish way to spend eight minutes and it is pretty funny and not too generic.

Twin star Exorcist

Rokuro lived through a tragedy and thus no longer trains to be an exorcist. However one day he meets another exorcist girl named Benio and his passions a rekindled. This show feels like a pretty pedestrian shonen adventure show and it could be good but it looks average right now.