Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review Nichijou

Dog is there for you

This is the story of the everyday life of three high school girls, Mio, Yuko and Mai. This is also the story of the everyday life of Nano the robot with a clock screw on her back, the child professor she takes care of and Sakamoto the talking cat. There are also some other characters that show up from time to time and it's their daily life as well, no matter how strange it is.
Obligatory shoe joke

To put it simply  Nichijou is a collection of show comedy skits (most of three minutes in length although a few are longer) stacked end to end until it is the length of a regular television show. Although the show is suposedly about daily life the can easily do something absurd (like deer wrestling) or break the laws of physics just because the show feels like it for a sketch.
Like I said not only school girls in this show

Quality in comedy is something that is almost impossible to judge but I found that in the case of Nichijou the comedy changes gears enough that even if the comedy is a bit hit or miss at times there should be some nice solid hits most of the time for most people.
Be careful not to rust

Overall I consider Nichijou I decent time waster of a comedy anime show

Rating the bronze Mesousa (Pani poni Dash) for being a decent slice of life show where anything can happen.