Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review Kaiba

There will always be giant robots

In the distant future it is possible to download someone's memories into a chip and then either alter then or transfer them to another body. In this future a man with no memories awakes. The two things notable about him are a giant hole where his heart should be and a locket with the blurred picture of a girl that he can not remember.
Sometimes you just can't explain the scene

For a long time I thought that Kaiba was one of those artsy shows that only snobs like. After actually watching it I found that this show is actually interesting. The most obvious thing about the show is the art style which hard to describe but is rather unique to say the least. However if you consider yourself a fan of animation as a art this is a show you simply have to watch.
Strangely animated ice cream at that

However as a conventional show I found the plot to rather impenetrable. A lot of this has to do with the fact that at least for the first few episodes the protagonist has all the charisma and motivation of a lobotomized slug. However by the midpoint of the show the plot actually starts to pick up and the characters start to develop in earnest.

Overall I found Kaiba to an interesting science fiction show although if I know if you think this show to be too artsy for your I will totally understand.

Rating The silver broom (Maho Shougo Tai) for being a rather interesting show that's strongest point is it's constant phantasmagoria.