Sunday, December 24, 2017

Review Alice and Zoroku

It is the Christmas review so I just had to

Sana appears to be just another young girl wandering around in the rain being chased by some government agents. But the truth is she is a runaway psychic ( whose powers are called the dreams of Alice) being with immense power. Well on the run she happens to run into an elderly florist by the name of Zoroku. The man decides to take sauna in and they begin living together.
Cute girls plotting destruction

Alice and zouroku is an anime adapted from a manga of the same name. Even though the manga is still ongoing the anime does manage to have a satisfactory ending to it. It is an interesting mix of action mystery and some slice-of-life elements causing it to be a bit hard to the classified men genre except for some violent scenes in episodes 4 & 5 there's little to be offended by in the show.
It's actually not as bad as you think

I found Alice to Zoroku to be an interesting mix of genres, being that the show has to much action in it to be a slice of life by any stretch of the imagination. However it's more laid back segments allow it to ground the characters and make the relationships more solid. However I found the show most interesting for having a child protagonist in a show with that much action while staying true to her character. 

Overall I found Alice to Zoroku to be an interesting and somewhat overlooked take on magical girl genre without much of the trope baggage.

Rating the Silver Diclonious (Elfin Lied)