Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coppelion and the temple of lesbian doom

 While I usually try to talk about shows that I like rather than trash shows I don't like but every so often I should post some negative reviews to remind everyone that I am not some Pollyanna sunshine who likes everything. This is especially depressing given that Coppelion is a show that looked liked it could be a genuinely good show but it turned out that this wasn't the case.
That winning smile
The show has several problems and not the least of the fact that even though there are three main characters only Ibara seems to be capable of anything. Aoi is particularly annoying and useless in this respects, perhaps to the levels of Willie from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. Thinking about it while I am all in favor abolishing traditional gender roles turning Aoi into a typical love interest character would actually make her more useful to the show in general. It almost makes want to look into Coppelion Yuri (guess who is looking into Sakura Trick next season).
Like a less fun version of Outbreak company
In a more general sense Coppelion has a problem with matching the expectations that the show presented at first with the content the show has presented. To put it bluntly one should not expect a show that has a psychotic school girl with electric powers who plans to blow up the world with nearly as much seriousness as Coppelion expects the viewer to take said show. While I have heard several people complaining about the tone change of Samurai Flamenco, the tone dissonance of Coppelion is something that can not be explained by turning from a parody of a genre to a straighter portrayal of said genre.
It's not post apocalyptic until fashion sense goes down hill
As of this article Coppelion is clearly a tin rated anime show with few prospects of making it up to bronze. A lack of good characters and the tone of the show which presents itself as a hard science fiction show with the internal consistancy of a super hero comic.

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